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The concept of captive insurance is simple: a captive insurance company is owned by those it insures. While the concept is simple, operating a captive can become complex, requiring the knowledge and experience of professionals.

With more than twenty-five years of captive insurance experience, the professionals at The Captive Counsel Law Group, Inc. provide the owners of small and captive insurance companies with one of the advantages enjoyed by large commercial insurers: immediate attention from legal counsel who is personally familiar with the operations and specific needs of their company.

The services provided by the professionals at The Captive Counsel Law Group, Inc. include:

Captive Creation™ — Planning for and Formation of Captives

  • Consultation regarding your suitability for captive ownership
  • Strategic planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Implementation
  • Corporate and insurance documents, including customized insurance policies

Captive Care™ — Ongoing Services to Captives

  • Part-time general counsel for your captive to advise ongoing issues
  • Regular review of insurance risks
  • Advice regarding policy forms and coverage
  • Development of new coverage
  • Assistance in structuring and obtaining reinsurance
  • Identify and coordinate service providers including:
    • Actuary
    • Accountant
    • Captive Manager
    • Auditor

Captive Claims™ — Claims Handling for Captives

  • Experienced Captive Counsel lawyers investigate, supervise and adjust captive claims
    (instead of TPA employees)
  • Captive Counsel works with litigation counsel you select
  • Evaluation of pending litigation
  • Risk management programs and training
  • Claims and risk management reporting
  • Captive Counsel attorneys are available to answer your risk management questions 24/7
  • Coverage opinions

Captive Cleanup™ — Reviews and Second Opinions

  • Evaluation of Captive and ownership structure
  • Review of current insurance policies and programs to make sure you are obtaining the maximum benefit from your Captive

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